About Enuf

"Earth, Nature, Universe, First" make the acronym ENUF! 


Hello, I'm Robert Clarke, and I'm empassioned and angered by the gross abuses of nature that have sadly come to define our world today. 

Here are a few of these abuses (and please use the contact button below to tell me about your own concerns):

  • Wasteful over-consumption​​

  • Pointless travel, particularly by air

  • Agricultural pesticides and herbicides

  • Factory farming cruelty and over-fishing

  • Pollution of our oceans

I'm Robert Clarke, and I have become increasingly concerned throughout my life, and particularly in recent years, at the wilful abuse of nature, and by its crude exploitation, by people and companies "motivated" by nothing other than raw greed.

It's time to stop all this. Yes, I know, it's a giant task but it can be done.


In fact anything we can do is better than nothing. And the more people who join us the better, as there is strength in numbers.

Fortunately more and more people like you and I are "on the same page", and have realised that it's a now or never time.

We all owe it to nature to look after it, so please join us. We can and will make a difference!​