Digging a deeper energy hole?

Does anyone else share my concerns that supposedly green electric cars, buses, and eventually planes are the panacea they claim to be?

Let's start with the obvious premise that electricity doesn't grow on trees; it has to be generated. So, and somewhat obviously, we need to use energy to generate electricity.

Where does that generating energy come from? Well, clearly fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil. But they're the modern-age bad guys. The good guys are renewables like wind and wave power. I get wind power to a certain extent, but that source of energy comes with environmental damage, in the form of sheer ugliness, what I call visual pollution. Also, have you ever been close to a wind farm, and heard the deafening noise? We must also consider wildlife, as migrating birds die in large numbers from being sliced and diced by spinning turbine blades.

But the biggest hidden threat is surely nuclear energy. Sure, it's efficient, silent, and supposedly "clean". But is it? The "tail" from nuclear waste does not last for a year or two, it's like a deadly poisonous legacy that lasts not just for decades, but for centuries or even millenia. What a legacy for our children.

So before we embace "electrical everything" like a stampede of Lemmings, we should reflect. Surely more work should be done to trap carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel powered electricity generation plants, and render it harmless? Ditto with exhaust from fossil-fuel burning vehicles and planes. And surely that would cost a lot less than the currently trendy new alternatives?

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